Participating photographers: Heriberto Paredes Coronel, Leslie Moreno Custodio, Nava Derakhshani, Johann Karl, Kathleen Lei Limayo, Thilo Mokros, Saurabh Narang, Jordi Jon Pardo, Sabrina Radeck, Yzza Slaoui, Lia Valero (order as slideshow)

Exhibitions May 20-29, 2022 at Stone Gallery, Zingst.

Opening with curator Edda Fahrenhorst and participating photographers on Monday, May 23 at 11 am


As part of a new cooperation, we will present two exhibitions at the 15th environmental photography festival “horizonte” Zingst from May 20-29 and visit the festival together with students and alumni. Under the title “Eat it – About Food”, the anniversary edition of the festival is dedicated to the topic of food and its manifold effects on the environment, biodiversity and climate.

We will be showing excerpts from two projects at the Environmental Photo Festival: “GIFT – Field Experiments on Agriculture and Biodiversity” deals with industrial agriculture, which is one of the main causes of the climate crisis and species extinction, but at the same time suffers massively from the consequences. For the project, eight students developed surprising and inspiring perspectives that address biodiversity as a gift, a heritage and an acutely endangered basis of life. Three positions from the project by Sabrina Radeck, Johann Karl and Thilo Mokros will be shown in the exhibition.

The online mentoring program “Changing Planet – International Environmental Photography Lab” has been completed by 40 young photographers from all over the world. The industrialized nations of the global North historically bear the greatest responsibility for emitting CO2 emissions, but climate change will have the greatest negative impact on the global South. Among the Lab’s goals was to create a free space for intercultural exchange and networking. From the consequences of global warming for indigenous and nomadic communities to the excessive waste of food, the result was multi-layered, engaging photo projects, of which eight positions from eight countries are shown in the exhibition.