Analoge Fotografie, Workshop CO-Teens mit Marc Volk und Frauke Menzinger, Neue Schule f Ÿr Fotografie Berlin, Mai 2013
Photo: Marc Volk

Developing –
Enlarging – Darkroom

At the Neue Schule für Fotografie there are two fully equipped black and white darkrooms exclusively for students’ use with ten enlargers. Here students can develop their film and print from 35mm, middle format, and large format film negatives. The darkrooms are equipped with trays, tongs, thermometers, measuring beakers, paper safes, film containers, developing tanks and reels, clamps, PE-dryers, baryt presses, a film-drying cabinet, a large light-table, and guillotines.

Additionally Ulrich Hagel, the school facilities manager and colour darkroom teacher, runs one of the last colour processing labs in Berlin from our school. The colour darkroom can be rented by students at cost-price per hour or per day.


Photo: Rene Urban


Photo: Anna Rafeeva, Montage: Ute Lindner


Photo: Loris M. G. Rizzo


Photo: Nelle Andersen