Photos: Sarah Belikan, Sonia Bialasiewicz, Valentin Dobrun, Sergej Hufnagel, Su Kim, Lena Krafft, Hjalmar Lorenz, Glenda Moor, Linus Strauß, Mimi Vollgraf

Graduates’ exhibition #32, supervised by Eva Bertram and Jakob Wierzba

Opening: Friday, 9 June 2023, 7pm
Duration: 10 June 2023 to 16 July 2023

Web site: finale2023.neue-schule-fotografie.berlin

FINALE. Finals. Ten students of Neue Schule für Fotografie graduate. They invite us to look back, to reflect on the present and they show future perspectives. Here, the “small” private and the big picture are often close together.
They show us animals – the cute ones at home and the ones on the farm.
They provide us new insights into inner worlds and queer niches.
They colour over memories and document asphalt deserts colourfully.
They process strokes of fate and mourn.
They rummage through their own archives and plead against perfection.
They document the work at the Neue Schule.

FINALE. Titles solidify or shift contexts of a photographic work.
The ten students are in the FINALE, voluntarily or involuntarily, for they not only finish their studies, but as the final class they also mark the end of studies as such at the Neue Schule für Fotografie.
FINALE. A title, an exhibition, a celebration.



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