Why don’t you photograph something important?

A project by students and graduates of art theory and fine art at the HBK Braunschweig under the direction of Natalie Czech and Susanne Holschbach.

January 29 thru February 6, 2022

Opening: January 28, 2022, 6pm, 2G+
Speaker: Maren Lübbke-Tidow, Berlin based curator, author and critic

What makes a photograph significant? Is it the motif, the subject or the aesthetics, the fame of the photographer, the passe-partout or the place where it is shown? Where is the boundary between significant and banal? Is this set by the ways in which the photographs are used, by personal feelings, general value judgments, or historical perspectives? And can these boundaries be shifted simply by a change of perspective? In four collaboratively developed presentations, media and artistic practices of photography are reflected upon in their relationship to the effect of different displays. How can displays be used to change our view of photographs and subvert the question of importance?

Miran Özpapazyan
Philipp Zimmermann
Qiuning Zhu
Zoe Zaucker
Simiao Yu
Valentin Wedde
Alice Tiralongo
Kaja Seltmann
Melina Rudolf
Monja Remmers

Elsa Pertoft
Nora Radatus
Marius Raatz
Veronika Mehlhart
Mia Kleier
Boris von Hopffgarten
Jette Held
Jan-David Grommas
Arthur Detterer
Nora Bendewald
Manuel Bendig
Anita Marijana Bajic
Laura Barth