Photos: Ben Chislett, Max Sprott, Caro Loder

The Studio: Strobes & Lighting

The Neue Schule für Fotografie has a fully equipped studio exclusively for students’ creative projects. In order for students to familiarise themselves with professional studio lighting, the studio has four sets of strobes: three Bowens kits, two with generators and standalone heads, and a battery for use on location, and one Hensel kit with a beauty dish. Once they have been taught about studio lighting in class, students can book themselves into the studio at any time of day or night and rent equipment free of charge via the intranet.

Equipment includes:
Strobes, studio tripods, camera tripods, backgrounds of different colours and shades, autopoles, small and big reflectors, digital and analog cameras, remote transmitters, light adapters, softboxes, an octagon, striplights and spots, grids, honeycombs, and filters.

Photos: Stéphanie Contamin, Chiara Pavolucci, Rike Brase, Almut Benedix, Barbara Bühlmann, Alexander Klang, Fernanda Peruzzo, Tobias Ortmann, Salvador Vigo, Brenda Alamilla, Keith Schuaib, Giulia Fumagalli, Cornelius Bütow, Mari Vass

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Tile Image: Anabelle Graf