Jakob Wierzba

First, photography seemed like a subset of video which was easier to grasp. Later the medium’s idiosyncracies became more interesting and Jakob Wierzbas works left their subject and places and turned towards the image itself. Stereo photography and stereoscopic video revealed new fields for research — technologies that oscillate between obsolescence, hype, promise and disappointment, and that also remind us of our own bodies. Simultaneously, the connection to computers produced new possibilities for image creation and destruction.
Jakob Wierzbas works are ususally “open” machines or “transparent systems”. Passionate about sharing knowledge, he started making radio and teaching.

Selected projects and exhibitions
2013 Abtnaundorf, Leipzig town hall
2015 Postcontorsion, popup gallery Breit&Rund, Leipzig
2017 Il Deserto Rosso, SK Stiftung Kultur, Köln
2018 ArtCoin, a room that…, Leipzig
2019 MdbK[mobil], MdbK Leipzig at Thallwitz
2020 ∞UNENDLICH∞, FAIL at Thallwitz
2020 Snippet Festival, Basel
2021 Appointment X, GfZK Leipzig
2016–2020 Kubshow, Radio Blau Leipzig
2020– Fantastische Wissenschaftlichkeit, Radio Blau Leipzig

Website: cyfta.com

Reprojection Error, 2010

heli, 2020

Abtnaundorf, 2013