Interested in studying at Neue Schule für Fotografie?

Apply now for the regular course (German, 3,5 years)

If you don’t speak German, check out our International Class.

Apply for the International Class (English, 6 months)

The application deadline for the winter semester 2023 is January 10, 2023.
(Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, inquiries and applications any time.)

We have an Open house on 11 June 2022, during which prospective students can visit our school, talk to teachers and see our student’s work, as well as book a Portfolio Review.




Admissions Process

Shortlisted applicants are invited for an interview at our school or via Zoom if they live abroad. Interviewees must bring a current portfolio containing 15 to 40 photographs for discussion. The printed photographs must be no smaller than 13x18cm and no larger than 30x45cm. The portfolio will remain at the school for further consideration and can be picked up once the new students have been selected. The portfolio cannot be returned by post.

Admittance to the Neue Schule für Fotografie is based on the strength of your work, your potential, and your interview. The interviews are conducted by a minimum of two members of staff who subsequently review the most appropriate candidates and their portfolios with the remainder of the admissions panel.

Neue Schule für Fotografie is a private institution for further education. Students are currently not eligible for BAFöG, and we do not provide assistance with Visas other than with a letter of admittance.

Check our International Class Page for course details about our 1-semester photography program in English.


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