Photos: Ben Chislett, Ute Lindner, Max Sprott

IT Facilities: Computers and Printers

The Computer Room of the Neue Schule für Fotografie is equipped with colour calibrated apple computers with Photoshop, Lightroom, and Indesign for students to work with photographs and layouts.

The Printer Room is equipped with three high class Epson printers with which students can produce fine art pigment prints on matt, lustre or glossy paper on sheets up to A0 (941mm x 1189mm) or on rolls up to 112 centimetres (44 inches) wide and 30 metres long. The printers are run on a cost covering basis to encourage students to learn how get the best results from their images and attain museum grade standards for their exhibition prints and portfolios.

The Printer Room also has two scanners for students to digitise their negatives and analog prints.

Photos: Melina Papageorgiou, Rodrigo Alcocer, Tomohiro Hanada, Olga Kuzminskaya, Brenda Alamilla, Benita Suchodrev, Almut Benedix, Fernanda Peruzzo, Linus Dessecker, Gunnar Krueger, Nadine Blanke


As photographers, we still love our books. The Neue Schule für Fotografie has a small but growing collection of photography literature and photo-books. The books are available for students to peruse and can be taken out via the office.

Photo: Hannes Wanderer

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Tile Image: Ben Chislett