Hannes Wanderer (–2018)

/// Up to his untimely death in September 2018, Hannes Wanderer was one of our highly respected guest lecturers and advisors on the topic of photobooks. ///

Born in Hameln in 1958, Hannes Wanderer was raised in Bad Münder near Hanover. From early on, he learned to work with images and texts, printing machines and typesetting at his parents’ print shop and started photographing as a teenager. In Bielefeld, Hannes did an apprenticeship as a repro-photographer. In 1997, he founded Peperoni ad agency with a few friends.

“The photographer’s biggest challenge today is to find adequate formats to present their work to a potential audience and be noticed.”

2004 saw the publication of his book TIME OUT – Leere Läden in Berlin (empty stores in Berlin), which was the beginning of Peperoni Books, Hannes’ publishing house. In 2009, he turned his back on advertising in order to focus on publishing photography. Since then, he has released more than 130 books. Hannes runs the photobook store and showroom 25books in Berlin. He furthermore teaches at universities and photography schools in the US, Russia and Europe.

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Interview with Hannes Wanderer at “Talking About Photography”
(in German)


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© Photo by Marc Volk