2019Photo: Tegwen Evans

Staged, Constructed, Real.

Selected Work of the International Class Vol. 1

Curated by Susanne Holschbach and Marc Volk
26 January till 17 March 2019

Brenda Alamilla, Rodrigo Alejandro Alcocer de Garay, Nelle Andersen, Tegwen Evans, Hengame Hosseini, Keith Shuaib

The exhibition “Staged, Constructed, Real” presents current works by six of our former international students. The artists engage in very individual and surprising ways with the dramaturgical, constructive and depictive qualities of the photographic medium. The works not only reflect upon the conditions and possibilities of photography but illustrate with both playfulness and subtlety the large potential of the forms of presentation of photographic images in the era of screens and displays.


Foto: Brenda Alamilla

In her series Delicatessen, the Mexican photo artist Brenda Alamilla passionately and playfully advocates gender equality, a vegan life style and a respectful approach to sexuality.


Foto: Rodrigo Alcocer de Garay

Rodrigo Alcocer de Garay, also from México, presents Sungazing, an ongoing series of work based on large-scale long-exposure images made by projecting sunrise and sunset videos collected from Youtube onto large-format analogue plates.


Foto: Tegwen Evans

Tegwen Evans from the US has been photographing the Berlin club scene for over two years. In Trash, Not Garbage, which is composed of a series of partially taped photographs, they give insight into the cross-border shows of nightly performers.


Foto: Hengame Hosseini

Hengame Hosseini, born and raised in Iran, is engaging with pattern recognition and the classification of images in cultural contexts. Her series has the title Good Old-Fashioned Rhythm and is an installation using superimposed grey level photography.


Foto: Nelle Renberg Andersen

Nelle Renberg Andersen reflects on her life situation after moving from Copenhagen to Berlin in the staged self-portrait series Single, 33.


Foto: Keith Shuaib

For his series Kuwaiti Joy, Keith Shuaib returned to his birthplace, Kuwait, in search of the fractures and improvisations that undermine and satirise the official language of urban planning.

Since 2014, the Neue Schule für Fotogragie has been offering a one-year International Class in English for students from outside Germany.