Photo: Luca Ellena, Tile image: Egoitz Icaza

Changing Planet

Open Call

The selected photographers are:

Avery Edelman
Egoitz Icaza
Frauke Decoodt
Iván Furlan Cano
Jana Köhler
Jehan Sheikh
Kristina Rainer
Luca Ellena
Maren Marie Söndergaard
Marianne Sievers
Niraxan Shrestha
Riccardo Contrino
Sergej Hufnagel
Sitara Thalia Ambrosio
Tillmann Fischer
Valentin Rudloff



About “Changing Planet”

Environmental Photography Exhibition

The world in which we live is changing rapidly – every day there is more alarming news about the advancing climate crisis, increased environmental pollution and the loss of biodiversity. Even the corona pandemic stems from human interference in existing ecosystems. These changes are not only happening far away, but also right on our doorstep.

Depending on the Corona regulations, we would hereby like to invite you to the vernissage of the second photo exhibition “Changing Planet” in mid-March at Pyramide Exhibition Centre in Berlin Hellersdorf. The exhibition will be open until April 22nd.

The exhibition will be made up of:

  • Students of the Neue Schule für Fotografie
  • Participants of the Open Call
  • Young photographers from the Latin American Native Foundation
  • Kigali Photo Center
  • Winners of the photo marathon
  • School classes from Berlin and Brandenburg will also show their positions on various environmental issues such as biodiversity, agriculture, forest, Nutrition, mobility and sustainable tourism.

There will be an accompanying program, live and online, with workshops and presentations by international photographers. Exhibition tours and excursions will be available for school classes.

In addition, the development of a traveling exhibition is planned for 2021, presenting at various locations across Germany and internationally, encouraging young photographers from all over the world to become part of the “Changing Planet” network.

The exhibition is organized by the Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin in cooperation with the Environmental Education Center Kienbergpark, the Youth Art School Marzahn-Hellersdorf and the Pyramid Exhibition Center.

The “Changing Planet – Network for Young Photographers” brings the relationship between people and their environment into focus. As an international network, “Changing Planet” organizes educational photographic projects, exhibitions and symposia. It offers younger generations a platform to present their own photographic work and to acquire media skills, entering into a dialogue with one another and the world.