Photo: Max Sprott

History and Theory of Photography

In Theory and History of Photography, students acquire knowledge and methodologies that enable a reflected use of the medium of photography with regard to its aesthetic and social effects.

Photo: Max Sprott

Students gain an overview of the historical development of applied, artistic and popular uses and aesthetics of photography. They deal with the media specificity of photography and various photographic processes and with different artistic directions, styles, image genres and forms of presentation.

Ethical and legal issues when capturing and showing specific images, as well as methods of image analysis and analysis of image narrative are discussed. Oral and written works analyze and train students ability to perceive and articulate their positions in photography.

Fotos: Björn Sindermann, Tina Wessel, Neue Schule für Fotografie

Exercises in brainstorming and research as well as the written assignments and the oral presentation of concepts or projects prepare students to write their final thesis.

Course taught by:
Prof. Susanne Holschbach
Annika Turkowski

Photos: Hengame Hosseini, Rahel Preisser, Chiara Pavolucci, Bilal El Soussi, Almut Benedix, Mari Vass

Tile Image: Tina Wessel