International Class

Do I need to speak German to enter the International Class?
No, the International Class is taught entirely in English.

Is it possible to study for one semester only?
Yes, however the full program is designed for two semesters and certificates are only issued to those who attend both semesters.

What is the difference between the summer semester and the winter semester?
The winter semester focuses on analogue black and white photography while the summer semester concentrates more on the use of color and digital photography.

After completing the International Class, can I enter the regular German program?
Yes, students who have completed all assignments may enter the second year of the regular program and continue their photographic studies at our school. A minimum level of B1 German is required, whilst B2 is recommended.

Do you have a student campus and provide accommodation?
Unfortunately not. You can search for apartments or rooms through our mailing list or on our black board.

Where can I find information on the german 3.5 year course?
On the German part of our website:

Can I visit the school?
Yes, we have an Open Doors Day in November 2020, during which prospective students can visit our school, talk to teachers and see our student’s work, as well as book a Portfolio Review.

Which course should I apply for?

How much time do you have, how much do you already know, and how much do you want to know?

Assuming a B1 level in German is there, the 3.5 year program is perfect for those who want a thorough course from camera and design basics, through image editing and history of photography to an in-depth knowledge of photography as a means of expression. Over the course, students hone their skills, learning to contextualise their work within contemporary photographic world. The course includes the supervision of a long term project from start to a finish, with the best work being shown at a graduating exhibition in our gallery.

Applicants who demonstrate good knowledge of the basics (analog and digital) can also apply to enter a more advanced semester.

The International Class is for non-german speakers starting to get serious about photography, who want to learn more, deepen their technical skills, and find their voice.

Once students have successfully completed the International Class, providing their knowledge of German is sufficient, they are given the option to continue their studies in our regular program.

What kind of photography do you teach?

With different lecturers and teachers specialising in different fields, we teach many different types of photography. However, we do not like to impose one way of seeing or one form of expression or style, much preferring to find out what you have to say, and taking what makes your voice unique, and honing it.

FAQs about the German Course can be found here (in German).

Tile Image: Cornelius Bütow