Photo: Marlene Loewa


Photographs tell stories. Photographs sell. Photographs influence politics.
Photographs safeguard memories and elicit emotions. Photographs are traded and sold as art. Photographs are reproduced a million times a day in the news.

The Neue Schule für Fotografie teaches the fundamental principles behind images and provides students with essential image-making abilities, praxis, and refined judgement, regardless of genre. We support students doing art, portrait, reportage and documentary, product and fashion photography, helping them to hone their skills and techniques for jobs in the field of photography.

In the three and a half year course, we teach students to be able to successfully and efficiently carry out assignments and projects on a theoretical, practical and formal level. Practical skills include dealing with analogue and digital cameras of different formats, editing, digital printing, studio lighting, developing film and darkroom printing. Theoretical abilities include planning, developing ideas and concepts, and a refined perception of how images work and how they affect and influence the viewer.

Formal knowledge includes contract and copyright law, financing through grants and competitions, budget proposals and billing. Most importantly, students learn to conscientiously express themselves through their work and position themselves within the field of photography.

Berlin is the perfect location to study photography: a culture-rich metropolis with a plethora of exhibition spaces and important photographic institutions with which the Neue Schule co-operates. We encourage international exchanges between upcoming photographers in connection with other photography schools in Germany and abroad.