International Class

The International Class is an English-language photography course designed for students who would like to spend one or two semesters at the Neue Schule für Fotografie in Berlin.

Throughout the course, in the Professional Photography class, students will learn to develop coherent photographic projects and series, both by themselves and in groups, through a series of self-defined tasks.

In the Digital Darkroom sessions, students are familiarized with the basics of digital exposure and reproduction, learning to present coherent results quickly for image review. Students are also familiarized with the use of essential tools and programs for image editing and creation.

In the Photographic Techniques class, students will learn how to work in a professional studio, learning how to set and mould light with modern studio equipment.

Within the History and Theory of Photography lectures, the students will acquire a basic knowledge about the history of photography and will discuss contemporary photographic artists.

Pre-requisites for participation in the International Class include a basic knowledge of photographical, technical and creative fundamentals.

Photo: Daria Biliak


30 days of lessons per semester

Summer Semester
Professional Photography Course 10 days
Digital Darkroom 8 days
History and Theory of Photography 5 days
Photographic Techniques 7 days
Winter Semester
Professional Photography Course 10 days
Digital Darkroom 8 days
History and Theory of Photography 5 days
Photographic Techniques 7 days

One semester lasts 6 months. The sixth month is free of lessons. One day of lesson consists of 8 teaching units at 45 minutes. The class schedule provides enough time to realize individual projects: generally there are 2-3 following days of lesson biweekly.


Euro 350,00 per month, that is EUR 2100,00 per semester.

Photo: Barbara Bühlmann


Applicants have to be over 18 years old.

To apply, please send:
- The completed application form
- A short version of your curriculum vitae
- A PDF showing 25-40 photographs representing your work and showing your photographic interests

Please send the documents via email to: 
You may also use the button "Apply now" to submit your application documents.
The application deadline for Winter Semester 2020/21 is 17 May 2020.

Apply now

Interviewees should bring a portfolio with 10-30 photographs (minimum size 13x18cm, maximum size 30x40cm) for discussion. The final decision on admission will be made on the basis of submitted photographs and the interview. Please note that all classes in this course are taught in English.

Interviews via Skype are available upon request for applicants from overseas.

The Neue Schule für Fotografie is not able to help the students with their visa.

The terms start around 1 March and 1 September each year respectively.

For any questions regarding your studies at Neue Schule, please first check our FAQs.

„I was very happy to study here.
I have a new perspective on photography now, especially due to the fact that the course was INTERNATIONAL.“

Daria Biliak, Ukraine, 2014/2015

„Awesome community school,
everyone helps each other“

Alizée Schroots, Switzerland, 2015/2016

„Neue Schule made me quit smoking, lose weight, invest smarter,
and find love.“

Rodrigo Alcocer, Mexico, 2014/2015

„Very happy with the school’s program,   balanced pace between the lessons, wonderful teachers and great facilities for students.“

Kornelja Kirnbauer, Belgium, 2015/2016

Photo: Keith Shuaib

Tile Image: Paula Jaume