Fotos: Netta Mattila, Aja Jacques, Maren Søndergaard, Rebecca H. Gomis, Juliane Röthig


Exhibition by the International Class of Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin

Roberto Cicala, Paule Cubeddu, Frauke Decoodt, Shanélle de Melo, Avery Edelman, Cha Giordano, Rebecca H. Gomis, Aja Jacques, Stefanie Krasser, Francisco Macfarlane, María Martí Sanz, Lisa Martini, Netta Mattila, Edward Nurton, Armin Rafili, Gabriel Ross-Pelat, Juliane Röthig, Jehan Sheikh, Maren Søndergaard

Opening: Friday 7pm – 16 July 2021
Duration: Saturday, 17 July, to Sunday, 1 August 2021
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 1 to 6pm
Instagram: reflectionsonkrisis
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The Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin presents the exhibition KRISIS, featuring photographic works by 19 students of the school’s International Class, on July 16. The exhibition, which is supervised by Michael Dooney, director of Berlin’s Jarvis Dooney Gallery, will remain on view in the Neue Schule gallery until August 1.

KRISIS explores the wide range of critical experiences that are deemed “crises,” a term whose origins lie in Greek. In its first uses in English, “crisis” was used by doctors to denote a turning point in a disease, when either death or recovery became imminent. Today, the phenomenon takes on multiple meanings; there are midlife crises, identity crises, financial crises, and of course, the corona crisis. 

Learning photography amid a year of both personal and collective turmoil has been a challenge for the students of the International Class. But they found inspiration in the struggles they have experienced or witnessed in recent months.

The exhibition features individual projects produced by each of the students, who come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some works focus on the pandemic and its ramifications, while others delve into societal and personal crises related to topics such as gender identity, career, mental health, and disease.

An accompanying publication will be released on the opening night of the exhibition, featuring work by the same group of students. The publication was produced with facilitation from photographer, writer and educator, Jörg Colberg.