Foto: Antonia Pischke

Eva Maria Ocherbauer:
From Images to Narratives

20. – 25. February 2017

The goal of this one-week workshop is to improve the students’ ability to associate images into narratives in order to create a strong and coherent body of work and as such define their own “visual signature”.
Students will work on a given task to perform basic analysis of photographic imagery in relation to content and context, understand current context in relation to the history and development of photography, understand and apply basic visual elements and how these elements communicate concepts.This course aims to encourage students to develop their own ideas and concepts and turn them into “photographic realities”. It provides them with the critical tools to discussand analyze their own work as well as those of their fellowstudents, so as to give constructive criticism using the basicrules of composition and their own sense of aesthetics.At the end of the workshop, students are able to understandhow an image is constructed, how to present it in amore efficient way and how to develop a certain photographiccoherence.

Eva Maria Ocherbauer, lecturer at Neue Schule für Fotografie, current show at C/O Berlin

Arne Reinhardt, photographical techniques lecturer at Neue Schule für Fotografie.