Foto: Ilja Niederkirchner

The Only Thing That Matters

Ilja Niederkirchners Buch „The Only Thing That Matters“, erhältlich über dienacht

Bilder aus der Serie „The Only Thing That Matters“ in dienacht – Magazine for Photography, Design and Subculture Nr. 18, hg. von Calin Kruse

Über „The Only Thing That Matters“:

People asked – you said. I don’t understand – I said. For me that topic was beyond debate. Your work had nothing to do with a superior male view on a beautiful young girl. Not even if the girl was crying nakedly most of the time. Not even if the girl was me. Just the opposite: it was your view on our life – calm but urgent as always – with no filters, no mercy, no time to lie or pretend or arrange to fit into social constructs and schemes. It was us and that’s the only thing that matters.