Photo: Eva Bertram

Professional Photography

Practical exercises are used by lecturers to familiarise students with different genres within photography from portrait, reportage, architecture, product, landscape, and staged photography.

Photo: Tina Wessel

Tasks are set to teach the basics, alongside which students work on their own projects, developing their own worflows and interests. Group tasks during and outside class serve to consolidate teamworking skills. In class students discuss their works to hone their perception and imagination. They learn that photography can be used as a form of expression and discovery, the meaning of which changes as it is contextualised by the viewer.

Students learn to skillfully reflect upon and defend their photographic positions within the contemporary field of photography and knowledge.

Subject taught by:
Pablo Zuleta Zahr
Susanne Huth
Sara-Lena Maierhofer

Fotos: Leo Braun, Alexander Klang, Markus Feicht, Peng Hao, Olga Kuzminskaya, Thilo Mokros, Tobias Klatt, Max Sprott, Yasmin Opielok, Hengame Hosseini

Tile Image: Eva Bertram