Fotos: Ekaterina Sevrouk, Last Paradise II

Ekaterina Sevrouk: Last Paradise II

Our student Ekaterina Sevrouk shows her work “Last Paradise II” from 1.9. to 22.9. 2018 at Pavlov’s Dog.

Opening: 31.8.2018, 7 pm

It rustles in the green copse, bright red flamingo flowers stand out, the Jungle smells of damp air. A Leopard shows. Just for a moment the Illusion is perfect but yet the leopard stands still without any movement surrounded by lively colours. The ambivalence between once living nature and new created objects is precisely staged. In an almost baroque style Ekaterina Sevrouk decorates her taxidermic animals with vibrant coloured flowers which create an opulent flora and fauna ensemble. The photographer visualises the tension between nature and extirpation. Life and death in their own way. Mink, gnu, tiger, African boar, zebra, puma and cockatoo – Sevrouk’s animals fascinate through an exotic beauty and are more than just a setting. The supplements derive from the Museum of Natural History Salzburg, Vienna and Dublin. They are a symbol that the Human forgets what surrounds him and how to maintain it. In Thomas Manns “Zauberberg” its says that the flower has the purpose to euphemize death. Sevrouk involves this quote into her work in order not to forget that our last paradise is nature.
Nora Lina Merten

Ekaterina Sevrouk, (*1975 Moscow), lives and works in Berlin since 2015. Academic studies in German Philology and Art History in Moscow Academic studies in Media Design and Photography at WIFI, Vienna. (2013-2014) Postgraduate academic studies at NEW SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Berlin. (2015) Exhibitions in Berlin, Salzburg, Groningen and Biel.