Photo: Sebastian Peise

Course Fees

School fees can be paid monthly, every six months, or yearly.

First Year: € 325,00 per month (semesters 1 and 2)
€ 1950,00 per semester
Second Year: € 325,00 per month (semesters 3 and 4)
€ 1950,00 per semester
Third Year: € 325,00 per month (semesters 5 and 6)
€ 1950,00 per semester
Exhibition Semester € 270,00 per month (semester 7)
€ 1620,00 per semester

There is a 5 percent discount for full payment for the year in advance for transfers deposited at least one month prior to the semester start.

The Neue Schule für Fotografie is a private center for further education. Students are currently not eligible for BAFöG.
The school ist listed school no. 01E35 in the Berlin state school directory.

Additional services
All students are covered by statutory accident insurance during school hours, including on their way to and from school.

Students of Neue Schule für Fotografie are also eligible for a Press Pass (80€ per year).