FAQ International Class

Do I need to speak German to enter the International Class?
No, the International Class is taught entirely in English.

Is it possible to study for one semester only?
Yes, you may study for one semester as part of the International Class. However the full program is designed for two semesters and you will only receive a certificate if you attended both semesters.

What is the difference between the summer semester and the winter semester?
The winter semester focusses more on analogue black and white photography while the summer semester emphasizes on the use of color and flashlights. You will be confronted with entirely different topics in both semesters and will learn new things in all courses.

After completing the International Class, can I enter the regular German program?
Yes, if you completed all assignments you may enter the second year of the regular program and complete your photographic studies in our school. We recommend you have a German language level of B1.

Do you have a student campus and provide accommodation?
Neither. You can search for apartments or rooms through our mailing list or on our black board.

Where can I find information on the german 3.5 year course?
On the German part of our website:

Can I visit the school?
Yes, we have an Open Doors Day on Saturday 2 November 2019 from 13:00 to 19:00, during which prospective students can visit our school, talk to teachers and see our student’s work, as well as book a Portfolio Review.