Eckart Pscheidl-Jeschke

Eckart Pscheidl-Jeschke was born in 1970 and grew up in Greifswald. After reunification he studied Media Design at Medienakademie Nord. As a child Eckart was in constant contact with photography, and has ever since been interested in the borders between percieved and staged reality. For Eckart Pscheidl-Jeschke, creating images is a way of accessing his surroundings. In his work he uses drawings and concrete sculptures as a counterbalance and expansion of his photographic work.

“Teaching photography
is a conversation about pictorial approach, understanding, and position.”

In 1999, Eckart Pscheidl-Jeschke started teaching photography at Jugendkunstschule Greifswald, where he taught a courses on Photography and Video. In 2007 he cofounded Valtis Galerie in Greifswald, where he showed both his work and the work of others. Eckart has been a lecturer at the Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin since 2011, teaching Digital Photography.

Teaching for Eckart means having a conversation about pictorial approach, working to understand images and developing one’s position as an artist. He sees technical knowledge as one of the basic skills necessary to express oneself. To this end, he aims to teach students where they can position their art within the wide spectrum of photography.

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