Photo: Keith Shuaib

Studios, Strobes and Equipment

The Neue Schule für Fotografie has a fully equipped studio exclusively for students’ use. In order for students to familiarise themselves with professional studio lighting, the studio has four sets of strobes: three Bowens kits, one with a battery for use on location, and one Hensel setup with a beauty dish. Students can book themselves into the studio and rent equipment free of charge at any time via the intranet to use both within the school premises and outside.

Equipment includes:
Strobes, strobe tripods, camera tripods, backgrounds of different colours and shades, autopoles, small and big reflectors, digital and analog cameras, remote transmitters, light adapters, softboxes, striplights and spots, grids, honeycombs, and filters.

Photo: Ulrike Brase


Photo Savador Vigo Marmol


Photo: Glenda Moor