The Lockdown Project

Neue Schule für Fotografie Student Visual Diaries Sponsored by Kodak

Kodak Professional Europe has sponsored our students with black and white films for the nationwide prescribed corona lockdown. The task is to document the time of social distancing and isolation. Our brief to our students was as follows:

“You have been in the lockdown for a while now. How are you? What is it like? How has your world changed? Show us!”

Until the end of April, the students will document their everyday life on film. The school is developing students’ Kodak-sponsored film free of charge and Kodak Professional Europe will publish the best results online.

Useful information on the multispeed Kodak Tmax p3200 film material sponsored by Kodak:

For more on the incredible film properties (ISO 400 to 25000) have a look at Kodak’s Information sheet and FAQs on the film:



Instructions on developing: