Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin Partners up with KodakOne

We proudly present our new partner, image rights specialist KODAKOne, and with it the founding of the KODAKOne Education Fund. KODAKOne will be providing our students with essential know-how about professional image rights management and licensing.

About KodakOne

KODAKOne is a digital assistant for photographers, focused on protecting their clients’ creative work and discovering unlicensed image use worldwide. It offers a smart post-licensing solution by aiming to turn unauthorized image users into actual clients. Its proprietary technology paired with legal expertise provides the support needed for photographers to protect and monetize their biggest assets: their copyright. With no upfront costs and virtually no time investment, KODAKOne is a transparent, efficient and reliable partner for every professional photographer.

We look forward to a creative and productive partnership.

KODAKOne Education Fund

In addition to the announcement of our new partnership with KODAKOne, we are proud to present the KODAKOne Education Fund, a grant to help a Neue Schule für Fotografie student in financial difficulties by sponsoring their tuition fees for an entire year.

Click here to visit KodakOne’s website.