Photograph: Flurina Ramondetto


curated by Eva Maria Ocherbauer

Opening: Friday, 7 Sept 2018, 7pm
Exhibition: 8 Sept to 3 Oct 2018

Gallery opening hours:
Thu to Sun 1 to 6pm

during EMOP (28 Sept to 3 October):
daily 1 to 6pm

Leo Braun, Eunsun Cho, Hanne Dale, Mercedes Debeyne,
Christophe Egger, Susanne Friedel, Alîn Gabriel, Fred Hell,
Mathea Hoffmann, Johann Karl, Linda Kerstein, Elvira Kolerova,
Benjamin Kummer, Loic Laforge, Anton Roland Laub, Anthony Monday, Tobias Neumann, Alice Palchetti, Melina Papageorgiou,
Flurina Ramondetto, Johanna Ribbe, Pauline Ruther, Jonathan Sachs, Julian Slagman, Maximilian Sprott, Roberta Stein, Kyriakos Tarassidis,
Richard Wohlfarth, Charlotte Zellerhoff

Analogue photography has always played an important role at Neue Schule für Fotografie. In the past years, working in the darkroom like in old times has become more and more popular, also with parts of our students. They nurture a love for laborious craftsmanship, haptic aspects and the materiality of the physical product, expressly allowing for frequent surprise effects. They’re inspired by the unpredictable dynamics that are part of the analogue photographic process and counter the reproducible act of digital photography with the prudent release of the shutter.

The exhibition is curated by photographer and faculty member Eva Maria Ocherbauer and celebrates this passion for the analogue. The works of former and current students of Neue Schule für Fotografie were created exclusively in the darkroom and owe their pristine atmosphere and appeal to the analogue medium. The photographs are arranged as a closely intertwined narrative line in which the photographers put up their works at their individual eye level.


This exhibition is part of European Month of Photography Berlin (EMOP).