Foto: Florian von Ploetz

Hannes Wanderer Obituary

Brunnenstrasse and the entire photobook community mourns the loss of publisher and bookseller Hannes Wanderer (Peperoni Books/25books). A highly respected guest lecturer at Neue Schule für Fotografie, our long-term neighbor, and a welcome and regular guest at countless openings and events. We bow to Hannes’s passion for photography and in particular for the younger generation of artists. Our deepest condolences go to his family.

A memorial celebration is organized by Hannes’s circle of friends was held on Saturday, 29 September 2018, from 7pm at the gallery of Neue Schule für Fotografie with guests speeches from 9pm.
Contact: timeout@peperoni-books.de

Interview with Hannes Wanderer as part of our series “Talking About Photography” (video, in German)
Obituary by Hannes’s brother, the printer Jochen Wanderer (in German)
Obituary by photographer Andreas Trogisch (in German)
Obituary by photograher Peter Truschner (in German)
Obituary by Jörg Colberg (Cphmag.com, in English)
Obituary by Jörg Colberg (TAZ, in German)
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