Photo: Chiara de Maria

Summerclass – Exploring Your Vision

03. – 31. Juli 2014

Short studies for international photographers

Summerclass aims at guiding participants to further develop their own visual awareness and creativity by elaborating their visual identity from conceptual notions via technical skills to the finalized picture.

This workshop will begin with reviews of each participant’s work, a process that will spark a larger discussion on personal ideas, helping to develop the understanding how to achieve their intended series. Students will learn the critical tools to discuss and analyze their own pictures as well as those of their fellow students, using the basic rules of composition and their own sense of aesthetics. This includes an exploration of the visual grammar of photography and how it clarifies a photograph’s meaning and the photographer’s intent.

In succession each student will develop, realize and edit their own project during this training. The aim of this process is to ensure the students’ capacity to:

  • Put together an original photographic project, in relation to a given narrative
  • Understand and apply basic visual elements and how these elements communicate concepts
  • Understand current context in relation to the history and development of photography
  • Develop their own visual signature
  • Put together a strong and coherent body of work



Photography: Eva Maria Ocherbauer, photographer and lecturer at Neue Schule für Fotografie
Technical Skills: Arne Reinhardt, photographer and lecturer at Neue Schule für Fotografie
Theory: Matthias Harder, curator at Helmut Newton Stiftung, Berlin


8 Days of photographic studies: Achieving your project on an imagery level
4 Days for technical skills: Practical support,  covering full accomplishment of your project
2 Days for photo history/ theory: Discussions on photo-historical backgrounds related to your project.
Guided tours presenting the Berlin Photo scene by visiting museums and galleries.