Photos: Paul Velasco

Sports Photography
Workshop with Paul Velasco

17-18 June & 1-2 July 2017, 10:00-17:00

Paul Velasco is a worldwide working Portuguese born photographer, who grew up and started his career in South Africa, lately based in Dubai and currently in Berlin. This workshop will enable you to get a deep insight into the subject from a wellknown and experienced sports photographer. This 4-days workshop will include all essentials about sports photography:

• Introduction to sports photography
• History of sports photography
• Sports shooting techniques
• Equipment: Cameras and lenses for sports
• Discuss the Canon versus Nikon history
• Accreditation
• Research & preparation
• On assignment
• Professional sports photographs
• Working for Agencies, Newspapers & Magazines
• Photoshop & Photo Editing
• Captions & Meta data
• Photo archiving & image organisation

Paul Velasco “I have covered many major international sporting events such as Olympic Games, Formula 1, Champions League, Le Mans, Athletics, Basketball, Skating, Horse Racing etc. for newspapers and agencies such as Reuters and Associated Press.
My love for sport means that I am equally at home photographing sports at the highest level as well as amateur to kids level.
I was fortunate to be able to progress seamlessly into the role of Photo Editor after my spell in the field, and was privileged to have worked as Photo Editor at a number of major publications.
During this period I became an expert in digital photography while developing and mastering digital image management tools.
One of my biggest strengths is motivating and coaching photographers of all levels, while the photo editor in me is capable of inspiring great photography from them.”

Workshop costs: 480 €

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