Photo: Dominykas Kersulis, “Trickster”

Morgen ist überall
#23 Graduate Exhibition
(Part 2)

2 December 2017 – 21 January 2018
Opening Friday, 1 December 7pm

What does tomorrow hold in store for us? Are we really standing at the threshold of a new Golden Age, just as the con-artists of this world have led us to believe? Is life just one long fight against the demons of our past and our fantasies? How much space is left for traditions, for immaterial values, experiments, new allies, or for the mystery and timelessness of the moment?

This semester’s graduating show “Tomorrow is Everywhere” at Neue Schule für Fotografie deals with the kinds of questions that define our time, offering a number of intimate and personal approaches. We get to see a cross-section of a world in transition.

Works by Cornelius M Bütow, Dominykas Kersulis, Sophie Mercedes Köchert, Benjamin Kummer und Roberta Stein.

Cornelius M Bütow, „Facet“
Dominykas Kersulis, „Trickster“
Sophie Mercedes Köchert, „4663 Laakirchen“
Benjamin Kummer, „Konstruktion Raum“
Roberta Stein, „How long is now“